Argos Catalogue Highlights – NEW Catalogue

Argos Catalogue

The New Argos Catalogue is out so I thought i’d go through it and see what it has to offer. Also I talk about the time when I worked at Argos. Please note this video is not sponsored or endorsed by Argos.

About Argos

Argos is a British catalogue retailer operating in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and a subsidiary of Home Retail Group. The company trades both through physical stores and online, with over 750 stores and 800 million website visits a year, making it one of the largest high street retailers online in the United Kingdom.

Argos was established in 1973, by Richard Tompkins, the founder of the Green Shield Stamps scheme, who rebranded the existing Green Shield Stamps catalogue shops as Argos, before opening new Argos branded stores later in the year. BAT Industries purchased the company in 1979, and in 1990, it was listed on the London Stock Exchange, where it became a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index.

In April 1998, GUS plc bought the company, and it became part of the Home Retail Group, when GUS split in October 2006. In August 2013, it was estimated that 96% of the population of the United Kingdom was within 10 miles of an Argos branch.

In April 2016, Argos’ parent Home Retail Group agreed to a £1.4 billion takeover by the UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s. The acquisition is due to be completed by the third quarter of 2016. Sainsbury’s intend to close a number of separate Argos stores and integrate them into its supermarkets.

Argos also do ebay click and collect service, so you can have your ebay items sent to your local argos instead of waiting in for the postal service.

Argos Catalogue

Argos publishes catalogues twice a year (a spring/summer edition in January and an autumn/winter edition in July). Current editions have well over 1500 pages containing photographs of items, brief descriptions, prices and a catalogue number. Store copies are ring-bound and the pages individually laminated.

The in-store shopping process involves completing a small order form with the catalogue numbers of the desired items. Argos provides red pencils in stores for this purpose. The order form is taken to the checkout and the items paid for, then the customer is given a receipt which indicates where they should wait for their items to be brought to them from the storeroom. Additionally, “Quick pay” kiosks are also available to place orders and pay. On handover of the goods, the receipt is stamped by the store “received” so it cannot be re-used.

Catalogues are complemented by seasonal sales flyers, offering non-catalogue lines and price reductions on existing deals. Other items are sometimes available in stores, such as ex-catalogue goods at reduced prices, especially after the launch of a new catalogue.

In March 2006, Argos carried out a trial of a new catalogue branded Argos Home in over 100 stores in the United Kingdom. This proved successful, and on 5 August 2006, it launched the second Argos Home catalogue, this time in all 200 Argos Extra stores. The catalogue only contains home furniture and styling tips for the current season. Most items displayed in the Argos Home catalogue are also available in the main catalogue too. There are occasionally new lines in the Home catalogue which may have not been available at the time the main catalogue went to print.

In recent years, the stock-checkers in some stores have been modernised into a touch-screen digital display, offering more visibility on the catalogued items. Other stores continue to contain the original stock-checkers.

In October 2012, Argos announced that, as of 2013, that they would be closing a number of their catalogue stores, thus fewer catalogues will be made available nationwide, after a significant profit fall, and also to boost the popularity of their online store. Claims, however, from the media that the stores themselves would change are false.

Argos Catalogue Own brands

Argos is the registered owner of a number of brands, which feature on a substantial number of products contained within the catalogue, including: Challenge, Pro Action, Visiq, Cookworks, Beanstalk, Pro Fitness, Opticom, Grosvenor, Steamworks, Aquarius, Coolworks, Elevation, Acoustic Solutions, Mega Games and the now defunct Elizabeth Duke.

In January 2009, Argos also struck a deal to take over the brands Alba, Bush, and Chad Valley. In January 2015, Argos took over the rights to sell the Cherokee clothing line from Tesco.

Argos credit card

In August 2006, Barclays and Argos announced a joint venture to produce an Argos credit card (in the same year Barclays also joined with Thomas Cook). Argos cancelled its contract with Barclaycard and a new Argos credit card was announced in 2012, this time in conjunction with Vanquis Bank.

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