Calling Iain Lee

Iain Lee

Iain Lee – LIVE – The Perfect Murder and Thumb Candy. I called Iain Lee of Rabbit Hole TV fame back when he used to host the Sunday Night Show on Virgin Radio, Recorded on the 18th May 2008.

► Iain Lee

(born Iain Lee Rougvie; 9 June 1973) is an English comedian and broadcaster. His career began when he performed stand-up comedy gigs across venues in London. He subsequently became co-presenter of the comedy current affairs show The 11 O’Clock Show on Channel 4 and RI:SE. After three years at London talk radio station LBC 97.3, Lee resigned and, after two years presenting a Sunday night slot, hosted Iain Lee’s 2 Hour Long Late Night Radio Show on Absolute Radio until leaving the company on 17 October 2011.

On 8 February 2016 it was announced that Lee will be part of the launch team on talkRADIO, presenting a weeknight (Monday – Friday) show, 10pm – 1am with katherine boyle. The station, and Lee’s show, started on Monday 21 March 2016.

Iain is the current record holder for the longest Pradeep. This is a feature where callers would phone up and say Pradeep whilst holding the eeeee section until they had run out of breath. This also spawned the new verb, to Pradeep someone, generally another talk radio host via a prank call. Notable presenters that have been pradeeped are Nick Ferris and James O’Brien from when Iain was on LBC 97.3 in 2006, Vernon Kaye was also a recipient of a Pradeep from Lee himself, given while presenting a live programme on BBC TV.

► Iain Lee has starred in many TV and Radio programmes such as…

The Beckhams Go To Hollywood Sky One
The Race Sky One & Three
Wills and Harry in Vegas Sky One
I Love Lost Sky One
Law of the Playground Channel 4
Citizen TV BBC2
Celebrity Soup E!
All Star Sketch Show ITV1
Flipside Channel 4 & Paramount
Gamestars ITV1
RI:SE Channel 4
The Q Awards Channel 4
My Worst Week BBC1
You Askin’ I’m Dancin’ Channel 4
Liquid News BBC3
Thumb Bandits Channel 4
Perrier Awards Channel 4
E for Edge Channel 4
Mental Play UK
Thumb Candy Channel 4
Critical Mass Channel 4
The 11 O’Clock Show Channel 4
Parliamentary Awards Channel 4
Vent Channel 4
New Labour New Language Channel 4

Beyond Borders (directed by Martin Campbell)
Radio Mania (directed by Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard)

► About Thumb Candy

Thumb Candy was a British Channel 4 television documentary about the history of computer games which was made by Talkback in 2000. It was hosted by Iain Lee who interviewed the people who were involved in creating the first big video games.

► About Rabbit Hole

Hello and welcome to Rabbit Hole TV, a delightful channel that will feature documentaries, psychedelia, surreal, very straight, comedy stuff. I’m Iain Lee and a lot of the shows will come from me. There will be live streams of Late Nights With Iain Lee, my multi-media phone in show on weeknights from 10. I’ll also be making exclusive shows from behind the scenes of my podcast, The Rabbit Hole. Mix in short films and documentaries as well as clips from my days on TV and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what Rabbit Hole TV is about.

Oh yes, I almost forgot, I’ll also be showcasing the best of YOUR videos. If you’ve made a short film that you think might sit well here, then please email


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